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Are you a Vintage Reseller?

You can purchase our products from the comfort of your own home. If you’re running a business or a shop and you are in possession of VAT number(if required in your country) you can request a quote from our catalog.
If you want test our products or you need a fast refueling, you can buy directly online from our shop section.

Unlike the shop section, if you want place a big order you can ask for a quote selecting and adding to the cart categories that you would like to buy (minimum 10 different sacks). The order will be processed via email with our team.

We would like to remind that the photos in the catalogue are for demonstration purposes, as a sample to present the type of goods contained in the bags.

All items selected from the Wholesale Catalogue are inside the QUOTE LIST.

To view them, select the icon depicting the QUOTE LIST at the top right of the screen.

The list can be changed at any time, and only when you are ready you can send your quote request via e-mail.

Then you will receive a confirmation e-mail from our Customer Service.

The minimum amount to place an order is 10 sbags (25kg each one) of different categories. In detail: 70% categories of vintage categories and only 30% branded.

You can arrange a visit to visit our warehouse writing to kilosale@millesime.it. In the same section you can also learn more about our position and find out how to reach us.

Shipping Methods

For shipment generally we use our partners DLA or ALPI.

Shipping costs and couriers may vary by weight (kg), volume (m^3), number of packages and by delivery destination.

When we receive a quote list, we do an indicative estimate of the shipping price related to the weight and the number of packages, this price is indicative and may vary depending on the time of preparation of the goods.

It will be promptly noticed to the customer and included in the total invoice as transposal costs.

Shipping charges and any customs duties do not depend on us, and are always borne by our customer, the customer can also choose to pick up their own vehicle or another courier

Need Help?

Don’t hesitate to contact our support if you need more info